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Oh no!

Originally Posted by rbongers View Post
I don't believe that it is compatible. According to this page
the cg toolkit that projectM uses does not support pixel shader 1 / 2 / 3 through OpenGl. I know my graphics card is ps3 compatible, and that I have shaders enabled in projectM, but martin's presets don't work.
ARRRGH!!! Damn, are you serious?! That SUCKS! But I'm glad I know now rather than after I reattempt to spend hours trying to get ProjectM to build with the cg toolkit enabled. I suppose there's no way to just use a newer version that would add support of pixel shaders either…
So why do they even bother trying to claim that the latest version of ProjectM does support MD2 presets if/when compiled properly (with the use_cg flag turned on and properly linked to those files)?! That's super ignorant & annoying! Their site specifically claims to have added support for the use of pixel shaders & support for playing MD2 presets…

What a disappointment!
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