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Comet C/2006 A1 (Pojmanski)

Very quickly before I leave to work, there's a new comet that was found earlier this year, named Pojmanski.

It's fairly close to Venus in the early morning at the moment. I managed to take a VERY faint image of it (it was at magnitude 6.7 at the time, and at 0.7716 AU away (do a damn google search))

Anyway's, here's the image (arrow added to help you find it), along with a scrren shot of my astronomy program (Cartes de Ciel, it's free) showing its location at the time I took the image (about 5:45am EST, Sunday March 5th, 2006).

The tail can be seen, even fainter. The tail almost looks like grain, but it can be seen.

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