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Surprised you techno gizzards are so stumped over this. If you are using Windows, there is no need to disable your onboard video. Install the video card, start up in safe mode, go into Display Properties, and select video output #2 (ensure drivers are installed properly, and that the GeForce is being recognized correctly-- does it show up in Device Manager?). Restart. You can politely ignore video output #1 (i.e. the onboard card), and things will run fine.

Of course, it would help to know what you mean by "If I connect my geforce2 and try to use it the screen just stays black".

With regards to "and if you think about it, wouldn't disabling it in bios be kind of weird, because you would not be able to see what you were doing after", no, it wouldn't be weird. If you notice, whenever you change (and save) any settings in BIOS, the system reboots. Alterations are not effective immediately.
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