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Originally Posted by Grandchild View Post
Hey James,
I love what you've done so far - only now seeing this thread here. I've forked your repo on gitlab and started hacking. I'm mostly on linux and it does compile and spit out images just fine, which is more than I ever hoped for - AVS on linux, whew...
I would like to get together and talk, about directions, possible contributions from me, etc.
I do okay in C, although, I am far away from your integration and asm skills. Anyway, get in touch, I am "nos at" for xmpp and we're hanging out in the visbot/AVS channel, if you want to have some connection with some "AVS oldtimers"

get in touch!
I think I once had an xmpp account somewhere. Will try to find it. In the meantime email me directly if you have questions. You have the address if you cloned the source.

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