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Originally posted by Rocker
referee is absolutely fucking discraceful

fucking idiot. i hate him. i will fucking kill him if he comes to australia.

don't blame italy they played well.. but the referee OMFG

What ? He sucked for not allowing you to play rugby like Poll did ? Hrm... this guy was the total opposite. While that idiot Poll would've probably say play on if one of the Aussies broke someone's leg, this guy signalled all that existed (regardless of the situation), and some stuff that didn't exist.

Meh... he was bad, that penalty was as genuine as the Tomas penalty vs. Croatia. Aka. it didn't exist (unlike the two that didn't get signalled vs. Croatia (Tomas' other hand, an ┼áimunić pulling Viduka down (iirc)).

I rooted for Australia...
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