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It's the old argument , should we have a fourth official who can watch video replays of 'questionable' incidents.

In todays day and age, where every single piece of action on the pitch is covered with dozens of cameras all in glorious hi-def there is a good arguement to say a video official would take some of the sting out of things like the Italian penalty.

They use something like this in Rugby matches, trouble is it slows the pace of the game down if you have to stop every five minutes while the ref communicates with the guy in the video suite, who has to run around checking the tapes.

Football is generally a fast paced game, and I think that a 4th official would slow it down too much, but it would make things more clear cut.

It's one thing or the other, faster flowing game with possibly some dubious calls, slower paced game with more accurate calls......

On a related note....

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