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Hi, help!

Hello and greetings to all,

I have been using Winamp (v.5.666) for a while now, and all is well and good, BUT - One thing has changed recently and it's really bumming me out because it seems simple and I feel has a easy solution :

Winamp has a tab in my taskbar which always showed me my recent songs as well as my bookmarked songs, simply right clicking it would show me both, and they would be above three other options : 1.Close window 2.Pin this program to taskbar 3.Winamp

Somehow lately this display of recent/bookmarked songs has dissappeared, and i do not know how to bring it back. I don't remember making any changes to winamp preferences prior to this and all other programs (VLC, Chrome etc) still has this recent/bookmarked things still visible, so it is ONLY winamp which has stopped showing them.

Can anyone help me bring that back? I really loved it and it was quite convenient.

Thank you.
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