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I hate:

-stupid fuckin people like:
-those damned IT people at school (I swear to god they
probably don't even know how to work a computer)
-teachers that don't know what the hell their teaching
-noobs that wont admit they don't know anything
-those people that walk very slow or stand in the middle
of the halls/hall intersections
-idiots that take accademic highschool math courses and
ask what 8 x 8 is
-people who won't buy paper and always ask me for it
-adults who think paper airplanes can poke someone's eye
-just plain stupid people

-repeated tv commercials
-flashing boxes on the net that say "You have 5 e-mails
waiting for you"
-doll ads on tv (scary, especialy the music)
-cristmas commercials
-text message commercial (fuckin annoying as hell)

-stubbing your toe in the dark
-finding nothing to eat the day after grociery day
-how ligitech speaker sets that come with subwoofers make
them look big but their only 4 inches wide.
-people that always say "why do you always have to be so
-dodge/Chistler Neon car model
-those damned churchy christian neighbors that don't mind
their own business
-religion class
-AVS crashes winamp when you are making presets
-drug addicts
-how Canon won't make drivers for most products compatible
with Windows Pro x64
-how Sony doesn't trust people
-Hospital waiting rooms (I got a deep cut and waited three
hours in the hospital for someone to come and give me a
bandage with ointment. dang mom draged me in)
-power surges (especially while typing an essay)
-Pop Tarts toasting instructions
-sales people that push you into buying something
-waking up from awesome dreams

yeah it's a big list. but I'm pretty sure most people agree with most of this stuff.
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