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nah i got probably 2 or 3 runs of each campaign before it felt half assed, mind you that's only about an hour each campaign.

main issue was the lack of content, to be honest though, there's always bottlenecks that are never going to be in the same exact places, the big fights are always going to be scripted to be in the same place (tank and end campaign stuff reffered to as "big", since the AI is shit and just swarms massive numbers to make itself seem difficult mainly), there's never going to be more than a handfull of weapons or a lot going on you haven't experienced to a point it seems new still.

i'm not saying i don't like the concept, hell the concept is awesome, a game that adjusts the AI to how well you're doing and is supposed to squeeze all the replay factor out of the same levels as possible, it's just a bad execution, bottlenecks because of non linear levels and the big things to watch out for always being in the same point/progession kind of kill the idea they were going for is all, with a decent expansion or some serious modding it could have a huge increase in replay value.

oh and, there's less than 10+ non melee/thrown weapons, how lame is that, all else aside.

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