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I upgraded to Pro today, I figured I should wait until all bugs are worked out before purchasing but how would I know if I had any issues until buying. So everything plays
fine so far and the quality is fine. One thing that I am totally confused about is why it
is not detecting my FLAC files and why doesn't it see the album art that is right in the
folder? I can play the files by going to the folder structure through Winamp but Winamp
detecting the folders in Albums/Artists it is not working (again no album art even when opening from folder view). Seems to me that Winamp automatically detects new folders
that you add to your library, so it should be detecting them. It's not...

Anyone else having this issue?

Gingerbread 2.3.6
Nexus One
all songs on sdcard flac and mp3's


I see this in the feature list (* Support for FLAC playback in Browse by Folders nav (lossless audio playback) why is it like this and do they plan to have it detect the files per what I feel is normal instead of browsing them?? Weird...

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