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I have a bug but it's more closely related to Media Scanner than Winamp.
Originally Winamp wouldn't add a few new songs to the library(Through my external SD card) and I didn't want to play it through the folder every time. So I looked online and found a huge group who have had problems with a number of solutions. Following their lead I tried Media Scanners and many other tools but none worked. I scoured through the Winamp Forums and hundreds of pages from regular android sites. Eventually I had reinstalled winamp flushed the dalvik cache, cleared the media storage and done at least 40 media scans. I have at this point run out of pages, have used everything from startup app control to terminal commands. It's become clear that the problem is with media scanner over multiple music apps though Winamp may have been the original problem. I Have deleted all the new songs and even replaced the old ones but it won't work anymore and my library won't add anything from the external SD card. I even checked for .nomedia folders. If anyone can help please reply.
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