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Oh damn... so it finally happened.. have so many questions.. I hope someone can answer as much as possible:

01 - Why? Lack of developers? Lack of profit? Lack of interest from AOL?
02 - What happens to the source code? Is it available to be openly buyed? (for example, if I start a kickstarter campaign)
03 - What happens to the skins / plugins sections? I see they are still there but...
04 - What happens to the forums? Will there be any support in here at least? (well... this is sorta´ question like "DrO will you stay here and keep answering noobs and idiots questions?" haha)
05 - The download page says " and associated services will no longer be available.." does it mean Mac and Android version won´t be available too? Or that refers just to the " online service"? (from an Android phone "" only shows me the "Winamp for Mac" version..)
06 - ... (thinking)
07 - Will this be shamefully left as a mistery like the previous buy from AOL was? (only partially "discovered" a decade later by an Ars Technica article)

08 - If none of my previous questions can be answered, can I least know who to ask to? (PM is accepted..) I´m not interested in making it public, just for my peace of mind (yes I´m selfish, if you take my candy I NEED to know why! haha)
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