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As promised I will come back on this when I received a payment. I have not received any payments yet. Meanwhile I've requested for a copy of the policy Shoutcast is referring to. I've made it available on my Google Drive because every publisher should own a copy (see link below).

Page 13 says: "TargetSpot will make a balance sheet every month and, subject to (i) the credit balance threshold conditions described below and (ii) the Payment Activation Conditions, a payment will be made to the PayPal account of the relevant Publisher sixty (60) days after the end of the month. Any Paypal costs related to this transaction will be borne by the Publisher. This payment will be made under the condition that the Publisher's account (visible in the Section “revenue” of Your SHOUTcast account in the SHOUTcast Radio Manager) reaches a credit balance threshold of at least 25EUR/$25 during that month. If not, the amounts existing on the Publisher's account will be cumulated during the calendar year. In the event that the Publisher does never reach the credit balance threshold of 25EUR/$25 during the calendar year, the amounts existing in his Publisher’s account will be lost definitively"

While Shoutcast says : "We'd like to inform you that revenue from ads 60 days after receiving our advertisers and agencies payments. As a result, credits to Broadcaster’s account will be made 90-120 days following end of corresponding month according to payment policy."

Again, wait and see if they are going to pay end next month(May).

Download policy here :

Copy (if it becomes unavailable):
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