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Originally Posted by heathcliff View Post
Well, bad news. Shoutcast is owned by Radionomy Group. The party in question that pays out is Targetspot which is owned by the same company Radionomy Group. But that makes it for me very easy because my uncle is lawyer and he advised me to wait a bit longer and mail them before he is going to take action.

So, they mailed me last week for partnership. We've meet on Hangouts. But I'm not interested in becoming partnered with someone who is doing difficult paying out a revenue of a lousy 35 euros.
Yes, I know, with a webradio created with Radionomy it is Radionomy wich pays, not Targetspot but they didn't do it since november and it was for november 2015 ! (yes you read well, i was paid 2 years after)

I hope Targetspot will find a solution.
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