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Originally Posted by jcnyct View Post
there is no obstacle.. you posted their update here and it's been shared on other threads that I'm sure you've gone crazy going thru.. read the update and you'll be fine

everyone will get paid just as they said they would.. if you don't think you will get paid, please stop using them.. it's quite easy lol
"there is no obstacle"
A. Keep it factual, they did not paid. So it's an obstacle.

"I'm sure you've gone crazy going thru"
A: That's your conspiracy theory

"read the update and you'll be fine"
A: You might want to read the feedback I received from them before posting irrelevant comments.

"you might want do your research and realize Targespot actually serves mainstream radio stations.. yeah those that have thousands of listeners... I'm sure you will get paid just like everyone"
A. Irrelevant, in practice they did not paid and if you actually read what they wrote they admit they are late. The new promise is they pay end of this week. We will see and I give them a chance. If not, that will debunk your "read the update" argument.

I'm currently searching for advertisers so I can stop using their ad program.
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