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Originally Posted by jcnyct View Post
We and several other users in this forum have confirmed.. we got paid last week.. no issues. If you just started monetization with Shoutcast this year, your 1st payment will be delayed. Also, keep in mind even TuneIn is delayed in their payments - it's how the radio ad world works. In my clear channel days 6 months was normal

Good luck finding a cost-effective way to provide global ad-injection on your own - please let us know how that goes

Bottom line is.. as long as you meet the requirements, you will get paid as far as we've seen so far.. yes, payment will be delayed but if you can live with that, you'll be fine. If you can't, no need to complain here.. find another solution (there are some out there) and share them.
"We"? Only you and someone else "2 years later". An agreement is an agreement. If something is promised then you stick to the promise why else is there an agreement? (This is a rhetorical question) If something has changed, you also change the agreement. That is normal in the radio world, even better that is very normal in general.

The minimum requirements are clearly stated before you enter into the agreement. I meet the minimum requirements way above average. Again proof that you have not read this thread.

Thank you so much, because if a company is doing difficult over 30,00, you are better off with your own ads. Finally, you get full 100% return. So, I wish you good luck
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