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Originally Posted by jcnyct View Post
$30.. probably cost them more to process lol I suspect you will be delayed another month or 2 or even 3 once USD vs EURO breakdown happens

I'd wait till your account is over $100 on a monthly basis.. payments will roll delayed but will come in.

just like other users on other thread have posted - we have gotten paid both in USD and EURO for JAN 2018
I hope you can understand where I come from. I have no problems accepting their terms but I do have problems when they come with surprises. What you tell me is not what they are promising, do you get that? I have not an agreement with you but with them.

I'm doing business since 1999 internationally and an agreement protects two parties, the seller and the buyer or a business deal between parties. No matter I'm selling bread or doing serving radio ads on my radio the favour in return is standard.

I did my part but they are not doing their part.

It's about the bigger picture. They show me they are not capable to pay 30,00 euro. How can you guarantee they will pay me €363.25? You can't but they will because I am that type of guy they regret they fool around with.

I'm not doing nothing wrong, but they are.
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