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Generate HTML Playlist bug

The following is copied from the 5.03 bug thread with a slight edit due with new info:

This might be a problem with Firefox but as other programs manage to open it without a problem I thought I'd post this here.
Oh, and I apologise if this has been reported already.

With Firefox as default browser, Misc -> Misc -> Generate HTML playlist will work fine if Firefox is already open. However, if no instance of Firefox is already open, "Generate HTML playlist" doesn't visibly do anything.
Running firefox after having generated a HTML playlist with no firefox window previously open doesn't display the html playlist in a tab (used to in 5.03) but instead keeps a firefox.exe process running even after closing all firefox windows.

Reproducable on my laptop and desktop machines.
XP Pro
Firefox 0.9.1 + Mouse gestures + TBE extensions.
Litestep 0.24.7 RC3

XP Pro
Firefox 0.9.1 + Mouse gestures + TBE extensions.
Explorer shell

Like I said, could be a bug with Firefox, but opening pages in Firefox via other programs (mIRC, YzDock, Trillian etc) works fine.
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