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A few left overs that don't seem to appear anywhere in the bug lists.

Restore Playlist minimised.

Still not completely fixed
Open Playlist
Minimise Winamp
Restore Winamp
Close Playlist
Minimise Winamp
Restore Winamp

Playlist appears, Main window shows Playlist off.

Hole in Playlist window when displaying an empty string.

Only ever seen this with internet radio. Caused by missing stream title.
A good solution would be to use the stream name as a default if stream title is empty (and the stream name is not already included).

Problem with setting 'Launch audio CDs ... '

'Launch audio CDs.. ' setting not always working.

It's looking like Winamp can't create this entry in File Types, but can only modify an existing entry.

There are a couple of other problems with pledit that I find annoying, not so much bugs as poor implementation. Still, very basic errors that look bad from a users point of view. I have a feeling these are due to the original design and probably can't be fixed without a lot of trouble.

Playlist window can lock out the main window if it has a dialogue box open (e.g. Play URL)
List handling after deleting a file is broken.
Other minor Maximise/Minimise issues.

Win2K SP4, Winamp 5.04_LITE, all bugs reproducible with no 3rd party plugins.

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