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Hello everyone. Been a while since I have been keeping tabs on SHOUTcast and Radio Streaming...

Now I see I totally missed the SHOUTcast DNAS Version 2 and this Transcoder Release...

I am reading through the posts but I just saw one that was relevant to my scenario so I figured I'd quote it now:

Originally Posted by nradisch View Post

You do not need a license for AAC encoding in sc_trans. If it didn't work then there was probably something wrong in your config file.

What I want to achieve is:

Use an Auto-DJ program like SpacialAudio's SAM for Automation & Request Handling.

I currently Stream 3 bitrates: 128K, 64K and 32K

I want to continue using AAC+v2 Encoding.

Does your quote there Neil mean I can transcode using AAC+v2 without needing any extra files? AAC+v2 encoding I was advised is not "free" similar to your standard mp3 remarks? either but I have bought my mp3 license anyway but the reason I bought it was to use AAC+v2 not standard Mp3.

I know the Winamp DSP has/had AAC+v2 encoder inbuilt for free. Can you confirm if I can transcode with AAC+v2 and how?

Which takes me to my next question, since I believe from reading I will be able to "Relay" another Stream my ideal scenario would be this:

Single 128Kbit AAC+v2 Stream > SHOUTcast DNAS or direct to the Transcoder? Which would then create a 128Kbit output to a SHOUTcast DNAS, a 64Kbit transcoded feed to another SHOUTcast DNAS and a 32Kbit Transcoded Stream to a SHOUTcast DNAS.

So I decrease my source bandwidth and can transcode on our main hub server.

Then I am hoping from reading this will also be possible, that the main "DNAS/Transcoder" that handles the original 128Kbit feed input has 2 "Source" inputs, so I can run an "Automated" feed but DJ's can log in and take over the feed which would then also get transcoded as above. When they log off it goes back to the Auto-DJ feed.

This is funny because I was looking into modifying Oddsocks StreamTranscoder V3 to try and achieve this functionality a while back and it seems SHOUTcast is getting closer to making this possible which is awesome.

Thanks for the information and great work by the Nullsoft/AOL/SHOUTcast team.

I'll leave my AAC+v2 web-player questions for another time I see a lot of take-up of these Flash based feeds so have a bit of catching up to do.

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