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I should probably elaborate:

If you have a configuration file that you have formatted and put everything in sections etc to group the data in a logical method example "sc_trans_demo.conf"

And then you use the "configrewrite=1" which I thought might of been a good feature for modifying settings through the web interface but retaining them on restarts etc. When the sc_trans exits, it will as it states re-write the configuration file.

However in doing this, it:

Re-writes the configuration file removing all original formatting and just printing 1 variable per line. i.e. "Trims" all white spaces between the variable and the "=" and the white-space around your values. It also removes any blank lines.

Removes any and all comments including any commented options you might of had. Any commented "headers" you had which are not relating to variables it removes. It also seems to print any commented variables back to their default values. i.e. ";;djbroadcasts=/my/path/i/commented/" becomes non commented "djbroadcasts=/home/hdc/uploads/recorded/"

Prints all the variables in alphabetical order removing any logical grouping you may of created.

I guess for now I have learned my lesson and won't use that option, I can only assume it was meant to be used as I mentioned however could be wrong but it looks like that is bugged? Or working as intended and will just be a PITA for future manual editing?

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