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Originally Posted by chrisjohnston View Post
Does anyone have the old version of sc_trans to try since the only download available is a beta and it appears to be broken?
Ok so the playlist file would need the path to the device such as
/dev/mixer matching what was placed into the config file capturedevice=/dev/mixer

Alsa is installed and configured correctly.This seems correct, can anyone validate this will work with sc_trans Beta 6?

In the log this line tells me something is wrong.
[captureUnix] Opening audio device /dev/mixer
[captureUnix] Audio card does not support 16 bit little endian data

I know this card records in 16-Bit having done so using arecord.

The hardware drivers are loaded and is listed below using lspci

Creative Labs CT4620 SBLive
Kernel driver in use: EMU10K1_Audigy
Kernel modules: snd-emu10k1

Does anyone have an idea what needs to be done to make this work??
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