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Ok now I really need some help :|

I have been trying all night to get sc_trans to play nice with my SHOUTcast 1 DNAS.

I am using protocol 1 so that should be correct?

sc_trans connects to the DNAS but no music plays and then after the timeout period it drops and does not reconnect.

I tried streaming from two different computers with no luck. I also tried changing between AAC and Mp3 no difference.

I tried this streaming direct to the djport and using the calendar "relay" option. Both have the same results.

All I see on the DNAS is:

<08/03/10@12:51:28> [source] connected from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
<08/03/10@12:51:28> [source] icy-nameawgclan Network Radio ; icy-genre:N/A
<08/03/10@12:51:28> [source] icy-pub:0 ; icy-br:128 ; icy-url:
<08/03/10@12:51:28> [source] icy-irc:N/A ; icy-icq:48569749 ; icy-aim:RothgarMaulrur
<08/03/10@12:51:59> [source] no data (30s timeout). disconnecting.

I do not have a "playlist" setup with sc_trans as I want to relay a stream all the time and in the end transcode it.

any ideas? Thanks.

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