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Originally Posted by Jkey View Post
For me relaying a v1 dnas does not work without /;
sc_trans connects and then throws the timeout msg because the content-type
is returned as text/html.
Weird works for me, I think I found my timeout 30 second issue as well. Which to me seems like a bug.

I added the "playlistfile" option and now the relay is fine? No disconnects after 30 seconds?

I tried to make just a blank playlist and that failed still says "playlist empty" in the console and the stream stops after 30 seconds.

I also tried pointing to a fake file in the playlist to trick it and that failed also still stops after 30 seconds.

I added a single mp3 and now all is fine.

If the sc_dnas does not find a song to play in the playlist it stops sending the stream data?

Also this may be using slightly more CPU as it may be playling the file in the background continuously even though I don't want to use a playlist?

Hopefully this can be fixed for next release

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