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Originally Posted by Jkey View Post
Never heard anything like that.

SC will miss neil's genius greatly,his influence on SC was amazing,
TAG loomis was a large part of the equation too,that guy retained his
passion for SC until he was canned,maybe he still does.I was always
impressed by both him and neil.
One thing I don't fully understand though is:

Was their sole jobs to work on SHOUTcast?

Because I mean in all honesty I find it hard to believe we have only made this much progress when the core has been around for so many years and I understand this is a "re-vamp" new protocols etc but in the end I guess I am a bit surprised that if they were dedicated resources how it takes so long to get to "Beta" builds given the time-frame we have seen?

I mean I can see Neil has tried to build a "testui" using Ajax etc and that the directory and things are new. Which is all cool and should be the way things are headed as it's more dynamic and flexible.

But if they just scrapped everything worked on a fresh project while borrowing the core components from the original SHOUTcast plus ideas from the Open Source alternatives that are available via Icecast etc. I don't see how it should have taken so long.

This is not meant to have a go at anyone or to be taken in the wrong way, I am just curious as to whether they SHOUTcast guys are dedicated resources and how many of them are there.

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