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winamp syncing music to android phone no longer transferring album art

I've used winamp to sync music to my nexus one for about 9 months now. It's always worked great.

Lately though, the album art is not being transferred to the phone. It's very strange.

I do NOT have re-encoding selected in winamp, so the file should be copied as the same. The EMBEDDED album art is in the mp3 itself, verified with winamp, the list view of windows explorer, and within another application called mp3-tag. Even my PS3 displays the album art when I copy the files through a flash drive.

So yes, the album art is EMBEDDED in the mp3 before it's being synced to the phone.

Like normal, I select the send to Nexus One, or just use the auto sync option.

When any file by winamp is sent to the phone, no album art is transferred.

If I take the same file and export it via just copying the file, voila! the album art is sent to the phone and is able to be displayed in all of the media players.

This is a relatively recent situation. Please help! It's not the phone or the phone settings, I've tried two different android devices, and as I mentioned, the embedded album art is in the mp3 before being sent with winamp.
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