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What I've found on the web is that Winamp is detecting an android phone by the presence of the "Android" folder on the memory card.

So a workaround is to do this:


mount your phone

rename the Android folder into something else, like Android1 or something.

Load winamp, detect the phone, sync your files as you would normally.

It will then not strip the album art, it will copy them to your phone just like it used to, or like it does for a flash drive.

When you're done, you can rename the Android1 folder back to Android.

Just in case you're wondering, the contents of the Android folder are not critical, so your phone will NOT blow up or something if you forget. I did forget once, and what happened is the phone just remade the Android folder in the process of preparing the SD card for mounting.

It's annoying, sure. But my playlists are winamp playlists and it's much easier to sync them this way, then manually copying them in explorer.
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