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Both "Amazon" and "iTunes"
and one more i just remembered: "LastFM"
Do provide scripts that allows afiliates to pull album-art from their base.
An afiliate account-code will be neccesary to make it work.

You just have to search for those scripts on their websites.

Search for "afiliate" , "album art" , scripts either at their websites or even better trough google use these keywords in combination with iTunes,Amazon,LastFM.

They should have most album art for a mainstream-station
ofcourse the more you are a niche-station the more difficult it will be
to find all album you might wanna compare who has the most album-art for your kind of station.

As an alternative you could build your own album-art database
which wil need you to prepare 1000´s of pics of them
and create something that will show any of them depending on what
is currently playing.

A lot of radio portal APPS (tuneIn radio, streamitall) show albumart also
check them to see how they are doing it...try to play your station using one of these
to see how much albumart they will show for your genre, see if you can find where they
get their albumart from (must be one of the 3 i mentioned above)
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