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Originally Posted by T.Slappy View Post
New version is ready: v - with Syntax highlighting for NSIS, warnings detection and many new features!

I forgot to update this topic - I regularly update my product Visual & Installer.

Since last change here there are many, many changes. The current version is

Here is list (shortened) of features:
  • New project types: NSIS Project and Inno Setup Project
  • Full integration into Visual Studio IDE
  • Supports: Visul Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 (also Community Edition) and 2015
  • Build installers directly with other project types
  • NSIS Project and Inno Setup Project properties
  • Syntax highlighting (coloring)
  • IntelliSense Complete Word support
  • IntelliSense Parameter Info
  • IntelliSense Quick Info
  • Navigation Bars support
  • Complete linkage to the solution build process
  • Quick jump from Error List window
  • Go To support
  • Hints and tips for writing scripts
  • Code optimizations
  • Opening script files (Go To file)
  • IntelliSense Code Snippets support
  • Creating custom Code Snippets
  • Outlining (Regions) support
  • Plug-ins recognition
  • Full version control system support
  • Dynamic help system
  • Cross-version compatibility for all Visual Studio versions
  • MessageBox Designer
  • Convert VS Setup projects (.vdproj) into NSIS or Inno Setup!

There are many new features and new items, check the product website

(I do not want to create new topic so I put this here)
Currently I am working on new product RAD & Installer - it is similar tools to Visual & Installer but it works with Embarcadero RAD Studio 2009, 2010, XE - XE8.

Currently the product is free and you can get it at

Cool looking installers with custom design:
Create Setup Pages easily:
Build installers in Visual Studio 2005-2019:
or RAD Studio 2009, 2010, XE-10.4 Sydney:

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