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Switched to IE, which I don't use except for testing purposes.
You are correct ...
All the genres I remember seeing a few weeks back are listed on the left margin.
Listing is inelegant, just one long list and no separators or bolding for the major categories.
If I hit on one genre, it displays just as you indicated.
However, if I enter something in the search box, I get no results of any kind.

Going back to my Firefox browser setup, I'll have to review addons and extensions to see if they are interfering with what is being displayed there. I am not having issues of any kind on other sites.
But its a bit reassuring at least to know that the functionality exists even if I can't access it with my current setup. Of course, lots of folks use FF so if anyone else out there is using FF 42 please share your experience with Search. I'm using Flashblock (to disable pop up audio ads) and AdBlock Plus

Update .. just checked my other computer (Win7) using FF 27, and it has the same issues I'm reporting above. No long listing of genres as in IE, and no details on station listings. In both cases, Search 'works' in FF (but only Station Names come up), while in IE the search function delivers nothing. On the second machine, in a puzzle, the display in IE is the same limited display I see on both machines for FF. No full listing of genres, no station details.

Friend just sent a screenshot from Mac/Chrome, and its as I remember it from the past.
Major genres, clickable to subgenres and search brings up the whole array of station details.

Just tried Win7/Chrome, and its not like the Mac. Pretty much like FF and IE on the second machine with a short list of broad genres and no details on station listings.

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