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Originally Posted by Unknown Artist View Post
Slight update to my situation, Sam Broadcaster died in a horrible fire of unstable coincidence I picked up RadioDJ (I find this a bit funny considering who replied to me afterwards).

I implemented my requests with NodeJS w/ Express and limited them with capatchas (google recapatcha) (so no spam requests presumably).

I have to say I like radioDJ, it took me far less time to setup. I'll probably have the source code up on at some point when I simplify it.

Edit: My future project is to kick spam spots using project honeypot, already have wavestreamer source code tweaked to spit out the array of client ips, my next goal is to have that go through honeypot, back to wavestreamer's kick function...should be pretty clean.
I've bookmarked your Github page. I like the sound of the JS and captcha/honeypot parts of the script.

I know a lot of other people would find that extremely useful as well.
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