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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
Hi Jake_Kulp

Alas, the info in this old thread was out of date.
I've updated it a bit now.

It's best to follow the instructions from the sticky threads, eg. the FAQ or this one.

For Winamp free version (not Pro):

1. Install (register) the mp4 splitter
2. Install latest ffdshow tryouts 32bit version and configure accordingly
3. As the OS is Win7, install the Preferred DirectShow Filters Tool and tweak accordingly
4. Make sure Winamp is configured accordingly

See here for details

If it's working correctly, when you right-click a playing mp4 (in the playlist, main window or ml) and select "View File Info",
it should state the DS Filters in use to be:

- MP4 Splitter
- FFDShow Video Decoder
- FFDSHow Audio Decoder
Yes Egg! This instructions very actual and right!! We all need to use this for play somehow hi-rez video. Because in_mp4 not work at all.
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