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Hello. We have released new version of Visual & Installer:

Download free trial and get more details on official website:

This version contains many important changes and new features:
  • New tool SetupProjects Converter - converts MS Visual Studio Setup and Deploy projects (.vdproj), InstallShield Limited Edition projects (.isl) and Advanced Installer Projects (.aip) into NSIS (.nsi) and Inno Setup (.iss) scripts
  • Support for Visual Studio 2017 15.5 (all editions: Enterprise, Professional, Community; version 15.5.6 (January 29, 2018))
  • You can learn more about how Microsoft ships releases in the Visual Studio 2017 Release Rhythm document.
  • Support for NSIS 3.03 (see changes)
  • Support for GI for NSIS 4.7.01 (Tinka) and Graphical Installer Wizard 1.11.01 (see changes)
  • MessageBox Designer (also SetupProjects Converter) are now available as standalone applications
  • All features from .vdproj Converter have moved to SetupProjects Converter and work also outside of IDE
  • Fixed doubled "Visual & Installer" menu appearance in Visual Studio 2017 (if both NSIS and Inno Setup extensions were installed)
  • Correct deleting registry keys for Visual Studio 2017 ("Visual & Installer" menu was still present after uninstall)

The SetuProjects Converter is standalone application which is is FREE (even open-source) so you can convert your existing scripts into NSIS

Cool looking installers with custom design:
Create Setup Pages easily:
Build installers in Visual Studio 2005-2019:
or RAD Studio 2009, 2010, XE-10.4 Sydney:
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