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I got excited playing with Anders' SysCompImg plugin which allows us to resize the checkboxes on the components page. However, I need a custom treeview for my installer, so I need to use InstallOptions or EmbeddedLists. Of course, these don't support High DPI. I was wondering whether you, @SuperPat, were willing to take a look at that for IOex?

Whatever the answer, I'd like to also request a couple of other features for treeview while I'm at it:

* Support for specifying icons to use at the various levels of the treeview, like EmbeddedLists
* One or both of the following:
- For non-checkbox mode, allow a checkbox-style state to specify bold/expanded (alternatively, allow expansion of all items by default and a way to specify that a given level of the treeview is bolded)
- For checkbox mode, allow a selection of the text in checkbox mode to optionally trigger the checkbox (or at least allow it to trigger a NOTIFY event)
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