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Originally Posted by dgcyears View Post
yeap i had to put sid=0 cause the admin button from the right corner was directing me to sid=1
that's because that is the stream admin login which is not the same as the server admin login. either way it sounds like you've found it now (and it'll be more obvious in the next release).

Originally Posted by dgcyears View Post
Btw, when I try to access the page for sc_trans configs( i think that's what it should do ), i'm getting this error, "Resource Not Found (Weblet)"
that is normal since the sc_trans admin interface is not the same as the sc_serv admin interface. the sc_trans one is AJAX based (as detailed at and generally requires you to use either a pre-made sc_trans admin config or to make your own. though generally there shouldn't be too much to change with sc_trans once it is setup (and the admin interface aspect is more intended for partners / companies running hosted autodj solutions - though nothing is stopping you making your own / using someone elses if you can find one if it's really needed).

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