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Originally Posted by dgcyears View Post
i think i found a bug or something, i created a DJ account and pass and opened up a port for it, ex:


I've read the docs and i saw that for an example djport=900 will open port 901, and when i access it(port 901), i get the following error:

No data received
Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.
Here are some suggestions:
Reload this webpage later.

But, when i access port 900, i get "Request Not Found". Any idea on what's happening ?
the djport is _only_ for source connections to sc_trans - it sounds like you're trying to access it like a webpage and that is not how it works. if connecting as a DJ source, 900 wouid need to be the port specified in the source's configuration (the v1 source specification means that it'll connect on 901 but you have to specify 900). though if you can, it'd be better to use a v2 compatible source and then it connects directly on the port set for djport2.

Originally Posted by dgcyears View Post
Btw, about the direct streaming thing, i did as you said, but it just downloads the file, i'd like something like an incorporated player . How should i use one for that? Thanks!
you'd need to find a player which does / provides the features you want as the DNAS will not do it (is outside of the remit of what the DNAS is intended to do).

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