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I'm strongly into classics (4-bit color, something almost forgotten nowadays). When I play games, I first play them normally like most any other player would, but when done, I replay them to hunt for bugs, do self-made challenges, etc., of which keeps me at the game for dozens to even over a thousand hours. These are my favorites:

1. Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Genesis): Tails the fox + blue water + spikes + debug mode = a ton of fun! About 1100 of my 1500 hours have been spent drowning and injuring Tails, 350 more toward just playing around, and the other 50 actually playing the game. There are practically no negatives or annoyances to this game other than a few class 6 (and higher) bugs (game freezes, resetting to Sonic and Knuckles mode, falling off the screen when beyond 24 pixels per frame, etc.). No other Sonic game even comes close to the compatibility of S3K.
2. Bubsy (Genesis): I've played this game for up to 4000 total hours played, the most of any other game. I know many secrets and bugs in the game and I'm so skilled at it, I've reached beyond 80 lives by level 10 and I could complete it in full with just the 9 you start with. Too bad I can't record any videos of the oddities I do (falling at 95 pixels per frame anyone, the fastest screen scrolling speed I've seen (4 times faster than Sonic 3 even!)).
3. Super Monkey Ball 2: What fast speeds are you used to in the game? 100 mph? Maybe 150? How about 2400? Oh yeah, I've been faster even than 2400 mph and that's going straight up and I even attempt to make the goal like that (with a video on YouTube that gives the full sensation). It's this that keeps me at the game for hundreds of hours. I prefer the easier 1350 method with the inchworms stage (theme park world only, doesn't work well with the volcano one though it still does).
4. Jumping Flash 1 (PS1): Going up toward the clouds? I've actually maxed the height out on 4 levels and got close to it with 2 others. In world 1-1, my most played and favorite, I get the whole level in view as nothing more than a white blob shrunk down to a width only 1/4 of the screen's width with the clouds above so close, you could almost reach up into them and touch them). One of my videos on YouTube shows you what it's like.
5. Mario 3 (NES): Though this game is easy, it's a ton of fun and, unlike many of the other games where bugs and oddities are available, this game is special in that these are far from the main cause of interest. It's basically a true favorite.
6. Spyro 2 (PS1): Actually called "Spyro: Ripto's Rage", this game leaves all other Spyro games in the dust in terms of how much I like it and its due solely to one thing: a double-jump bug. With it, I can get into the strangest of places. I recently got a video showing about 50 oddities this bug offers and it's what keeps me at it and steering away from all other Spyro games since they don't have this and are no where near as fun as a result.
7. Final Fantasy VII (PS1): 1.3 billion gil, a chocobo with 161 km/h running speed, level 99 before disk 1 was done with, defeated Emerald Weapon in under 7 minutes, and a huge involvement with battling enemies. I prefer to battle those very tough enemies like Emerald Weapon over trying to solve puzzles and get through areas.
8. Midtown Madness 2 (PC): Can you find a way to get the Panoz GTR (the fastest car) beyond 260 mph? I've done it getting it to 263 mph. I also like gathering every single police car in the area in cruise mode packed up in one small area (this gets really loud). Only the final exams in the lessons group are the real pain, especially that "river dancing" one that takes me days to accomplish, often causing me to give up on it numerous times. It was only until I found a way to disable/stop the clock that I stood any chance, but even then, it could still take 8 hours to do London's final exam one.

I'm probably leaving out others.

I actually program my own games, currently converting an existing one into C. One of my biggest dreams is to test a real console game, but now that the newer systems are out, of which I have practically no interest in at all (the Xbox 360 is about the only one not double-digit negative), this is highly unlikely to occur now. Worse yet, too many games are rated T and worse, of which caused me to lose my interest in games after the PS1 era since it was getting so hard to find anything of interest. I seem like a very good candidate for this too since I enjoy finding oddities and can keep at games for dozens or even hundreds of hours (just looking at my videos and screenshots is convincing enough). Now that I've got programming knowledge, even better than it was just 3 years ago.

void BlueWater() {water.color=blue; while(GameRunning) {if (fox.pos == InBlueWater) {fox.air--; FoxDrown(fox.air);} else {fox.air=1800; fox.flags = WantsToGetWet; } WaitFrames(1); }} // My top favorite thing in 2D Sonic (as C)
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