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The missing indentation makes it bad to read. For heaven's sake, use indentation. If you are too lazy to do it, simply run a code formatter over the source.
oh yea sorry my code is probably horrible to read, I'm not a professional coder at all (I cook french food for a living lol), I'm self-learning coding on the fly
I've tried the CTRL+D to format the code but I don't like it, code looks even bigger, I prefer my big blocks of code so I've putted the string function in STRING.INC and all the interface stuff in INTERFACE.INC. Now Unit1 looks easier and a little cleaner I think.

I've changed the for j := 0 to something do if s[j]... to 1!
I don't think s[1] could have been empty if you look just a few lines before, but just in case I added a check,
I also removed the try-except,
and I removed the GOTO!

v2.0.3 is up!
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