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Hi Serge
I don't think s[1] could have been empty if you look just a few lines before, but just in case I added a check,
Yes it could, I added "if length(s)=0 then halt;" and the program halted.

On the crash of #204 and #281: These contain fragments of my mandelbox code in the per frame and preset init sections. In the original code, the preset on startup first calculates a free position in the mandelbox space by try and error. If you make minor changes to it, the code may simply not find such a free position, and keep searching forever.
The mashup option was really devised at earlier milkdrop versions, which allowed only very limited and linear programming by the user: 32 variables, hardly any dependencies, no loops, no conditional jumps. But later, a proper programming language (ns-eel) was added, which extended the coding possibilities quite dramatically by providing loops, a global memory space, conditional jumps etc. And it also introduced the possibility of endless loops, and made mashing more risky. The reason why most of your mashups are stable is that these amendmends came rather late, where milkdops had already passed its zenith, and only a few individuals still made presets and used the new features.

The F10 option is brillant, and it really works
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