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Corrupt listings on Shoutcast-website


The listings on ... are:

Corrupt , Wrong , Incorrect


I check a certain station ... on its DNAS status page it says:

Stream Status: Stream is up with 156 of 999 listeners (54 unique)

I then immidiatly also check website where it says:

156 listeners

Ofcourse i have verified this several times on different moments of the day
over a period of a few weeks ... and also have taken in account any delays and
averaging that obviously takes place.


The website is corrupt ... since it lists all listeners including
doublures or triple listening from the same ip-adress ... ie: stations that use tricks
such as multiple players on a pc ...etc ... to fraudulently / artificially inflate their
listener-numbers can get away with it ...and shoutcast is helping them.

This puts back honest stations that don't use tricks like this !

How difficult can it be .. if the dnas already shows the real number of UNIQUE listeners
to let the website listing also use only the UNIQUE number of listeners ?

I don't think that i'm the first one to notice this why in the world don't you repair this ?
Why do you help fraudsters ? ... there cant be no excuses to let this exist ..
If you have a listing like this the first thing one expects is that it is more or less correct & honest.

Listing on the website should be based on UNIQUE nr of listeners !

It must be sooooo simple to repair this
you are disrespecting honest stations by letting this exist.

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