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no matter what happens, im sticking with winamp3... when winamp "5" fully suports wasabi components, then i will consider it... there are a few other opinions like this too... winamp3 was, is and will continue to be, an exelent product, its just that AOL forced an EARLY release, and there are to many people who only just have to IQ to switch the PC on reporting "wa3 sucks, it doesnt do this, this, or this"...

on a side note, anyone who thinks that gen_ff.dll will load winamp3 skins as fast as winamp2 skins wil be in for a big shock... there is only 1 way to load winamp3 skins, winamp3 uses it, gen_ff.dlkl uses it, so... it will be 1. same speed, or 2. slower..

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