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Scroll Lock state not restored when alt-tabbing

Hi all,

I've noticed a problem with scroll lock when viewing MD2 within the 'Big Bento' skin bento box (WA5.5).
What happens:
-upon switching TO winamp the scroll lock state is restored to the saved scroll lock state when winamp was last active - correct behaviour.
-upon switching FROM winamp the scroll lock state flickers (on the keyboard) but ultimately doesn't change. The state is saved however, because upon re-activating winamp the state is restored (if I have manually changed the state while winamp was unfocused.

I tested with another skin I use (Drone) and the correct behaviour works there.

I am guessing it would be a problem with the way that the visualisation frame is part of the winamp window rather than a separate window, and so some particular event routine isn't being run - but then I've never looked at the code.

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