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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
its 'offscreen' irrespective of the Windows version as its due to how the modern skin plug-in was implemented to allow for plug-ins to still work with Winamp (as the native classic skin windows are always there even in modern skin mode but some are more special than other windows and is why some visual quirks have been known to happen).
Thanks for the explanation. This is the result of 15 years of adding features while still trying to maintain backward compatibility (a mostly successful, but ultimately futile, effort). Moving forward, Winamp became a victim of it's popularity.

Maybe the new owners will opt for a full re-write of the core functions/features while maintaining the APIs that allow the newer plug-ins to still work. As always, the issue is how will this be paid for and whether new plug-in developers are willing to give away the fruit of their labor or accept some nominal payment.

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