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Hello, I'm new here, but I was searching for help about this issue. Back with Winamp 5.24 I did not have this problem, but when I upgraded to 5.32 and did a clean install of winamp I am getting high cpu usage.

With only a couple songs or less than a hundred, winamp is only less than 2% or so. When I load 20k songs into the playlist I get bogged down, and winamp is using an extreme ammount cpu usage(33-66%). I did not have this problem with older versions of winamp. I can't figure out why it is happening. Like I said , I have done different installs and not sure if anyone else is having this issue? After I clear the playlist with my 20K songs the cpu usage instantly drops. Maybe it's the number of songs in the playlist but this wasn't doing this before.

I've read the suggestions above and they don't seem to help my issue. Anyways hope this gets ironed out because I don't want to get stuck using 5.24.

Edit- I'm using 3000Venice AMD 64bit and 2Gigs of RAM.

Thanks, Wyatt
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