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!00 % cpu?

I found that if I open Winamp with the radio stations page open the CPU goes to 100% after a short while. This was caused by a Run.Dll for wininet opening. The answer was to open Winamp as a local service IE no radio or video services at the same time. CPU use was down to 3%. You cannot do this without restarting your PC,

1: open winamp
2: Ensure the Media library is not showing online services (such as radio)
3: If online serices are displayed in the media library change the view
4: Close Winamp
5: Restart your PC
6: Launch winamp
7: Check CPU.

If none of the above work then you can try downloading PROCESS EXPLORER. It is freeware and will show you what the process is that is using the CPU. Come back to us if the problem persists
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