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CDC reports HIV epidemic

63% of the new HIV cases are from MSM sexual contact. It's nice for 1 or 2 percent of the population to distinguish themselves in this way. Now we can all cheer for civil rights and "just another lifestyle choice". Other great news is that because of the epidemic that half of the gay men that are alive now will be HIV positive by the time they are 50.

Not to be politically incorrect, but err... I'm 51. Gay is the leading cause of death of people I knew "in the day". More than car accidents. More than alcoholism. More than suicide. More than drug addiction. I miss most of these guys.

Yes. They can treat HIV. It's buys you 20 years... maximum. I know a guy my age. He's treated. The drugs have broke down his immune system so that a cold puts him in the emergency room. How long will he live? Until the next cold. One more. Two doors down from my house. I really don't like those guys. Dickheads. Shitty little dogs. But I know what it looks like to die of AIDS. One is going.

Sorry to be politically incorrect. I just thought I should frame the situation cold.

It seems to be politically incorrect to have this discussion. People babble about... education.. condoms.. bla.. bla.. liberal bla...
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