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This is a chat about the future of NSV technologies

Let's start this off with a rousing game of "Idiots wanna join in". Sure, they might do great in Algebra or World History, but here, they're idiots. Moving on...

The idiots definately want their SAM for video (because reading the instructions is hard). This has been said numerous times and I'm sure all the veterans know this so why provide more links?

The real question is: is there a way to get the current video via a winamp plugin? I know there's in_nsv but most of the video is shown through directshow. I know you can get the audio via DSP, that's why the little shoutcast dsp plugin exists and is popular for the newbies. Is it doable, or would it require a hacked 'input' or 'output' plugin for rendering or displaying the video in order to be able to grab that data live? Ignoring the other problems like "most machines can't encode at 1s/s at all bitrates", we can realize that people can easily determine this from complaints and adjust accordingly. That, or a "tester" program can run through and see which bitrates/codecs are feasable for live streaming.

ITT we theorize.

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