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Originally posted by yeshuawatso
<---------This is the dance of the future.
Thank you, thank you for coming out here today, my supporters! I know it's a hard election year, and I'm up against some good competition, but may the best man win, right? You all know who that is!

[Bulk! Bulk! Bulk!]

Awww, don't make me blush! As part of my moderation, I vow to lock all of yeshuawatso's threads and delete all his posts, because he has asked for it. Let it be known, I am not against assisted suicide, and if you are suffering and desire it, you can HAVE an end to your pain. I will make sure the pain and suffering of yeshuawatso's shyness, as people see his horrendous posts, will come to an end with swift locks and deletions!

[Applause & Cheering]

Thank you, thank you all.

Originally posted by yeshuawatso :
...get Nullsoft to [accept] new moderators? ... election? ... If Inedible Bulk is the candidate, then I give my vote.
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