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Ok looks good saivert.

Although there is still heaps to do with this plugin, its nearing a point where I am happy to release it and the names and dispids etc will all remain fixed. I need to add plenty of stuff for dynamically adding hotkeys/ menu /items /arguments to scripts etc. But that is mostly for script hosting stuff and can be added over time without affecting the rest of the functionality.

Ive been holding off doing any docos etc until I set the interfaces in stone. But it currently provides most of the typical stuff you would use from an external program through COM, so I may release it.

The reason for editing the .idl file is not for people to read that, but it is used to compile the type library. The help strings are part of this library, in this way the object is self documenting. When using it in VB or any other environment, the help strings that are put in this .idl file appear in the object browser. A good IDE will also provide little tool tip texts with these help strings when using a method from the type library.

(the position property in the playlist is both set/get).
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