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@Farmerdave: You can just use

mi = playlist(1)
fn = mi.ATFString("%dir%") + "\Folder.jpg"

Or various other combinations. I personnaly use a script like:

x = playlist.getselection()
if ubound(x,1) > 0 then
set wso = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
pos = InStr(8, x(1).filename, "\", 1)
mpath = Left(x(1).filename, pos)
mpath = Mid(mpath, 8) "C:\Mp3\downart """ & mpath & """"
end if

In order to download mmissing albumart using a tool which connects to the web and downloads cover images. downart is a batch file which changes directories and calls mp3albumartdownloader etc.

If you are talking about getting the cover art out of the id3 tag, I think id3lib comes as a COM library as well. You would need to do something like:
id3o = CreateObject("ID3Lib.Application")
id3o.loadtag mi.filename
pic = id3o.getcover
or whatever. I may put id3 support in this plugin, but I think external support may be a better option.

edit: see
for an example of using id3com to access id3 tags.

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